Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hi hi everyone! Ok ok I know I have really been bad about this blog thing! But I definitely plan to get better! So anyway...Wow alot has happened over the last month and a half! Colt has grown a whole lot (as you can see in the pics)! He is over average for head size, weight, AND height still! He is a smiling machine! He loves to flirt with all of his girlfriends he gets to see every day around the Family Center. He is a really happy baby and I am a very proud Mommy! A HUGE milestone also happened on Friday! HE ROLLED OVER! Oh yes and he did it probably 10 times that day because I was so excited!! He is also starting to know what toys are so I got him a couple things that he likes to chew on. Oh yes because now EVERYTHING goes into his mouth. He prefers my leg or hand, but I really don't like to do it because his knawing actually hurts quite a bit, which leads me to my next update. He is TEETHING! I can't believe he is only 3.5 months and is already teething! Anyway, so his sleep schedule has gotten really off because of the teeth, although I found the best thing EVER. My mom asked around and found out that Walgreens carries miracle teething tablets that dissolve instantly in their mouth and it works like MAGIC. I tried the orajel and the teething ring, but these tablets work unbelievable so I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who has a teething little one! Let's see...Colt has also been able to hold on to toys and also hit them to make them move while lying on his play mat. He squeals and coos all the time making lots of mmms and bbbbs and likes to scream at Mommy plenty ;)

As for Josh and I...We just took our Comprehensive Exam for our program on Friday and both did well! We are still planning on graduating in December and it looks like we will be able to as long as we keep getting adequate client hours. We are both around the 370 mark with 500 being the total we need at the end. We are both done with classes so just working on thesis, clinical paper, and hours to be done! Then we will be gracing Texas with our presence once again ;) Josh is currently looking into grad schools to continue on to get his PhD. I am frankly burnt out on school and am actually really looking forward to being a full-time therapist!

That is all for now I believe! Hopefully I will update more often now that I have gotten a good routine down! Happy Sunday! God bless...

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