Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wow! I have not posted in 2 months! We have been so busy and I have so much to report! These are the latest pics of our little man....even though most of them are him only in his diaper! Ha! I swear he has LOTS of cute clothes...we just tend to take most of the pics while we are just chillin at home...and he is like a little sauna so he sweats when we keep him in his at home we let him hang out in just a diaper!

So today Colt is officially 2 months old! Wow, I cannot believe this much time has already passed...and Colt is so BIG! We have his 2 month appointment tomorrow so we will find out exactly how much he's grown, but I know it's got to be ALOT! He has outgrown all of his 0-3 month clothes and is now in 3-6....I'm worried he will outgrow these FOR SURE before 6 months.

So as you can see in the pics, Colt has already had his first was right before he hit the 6 week mark and it definitely melted my heart! He first smiled for me while I was in Athens one morning for his early feeding, and then smiled for his Daddy just a couple days later! Now he has started to share that beautiful smile with anyone who is around to see it :) Now we are just waiting for a laugh, but I know it's coming soon because he has already been close. He tends to think his parents are pretty funny...

As for me, I am definitely fully recovered! I have been back doing therapy for a month and a half now, although it's been pretty slow now that it's summer time. Colt has also gotten to sit behind the mirror a couple of times and see his mommy do therapy. I'm still EPing (exclusively pumping) for my little man. Unfortunately the breastfeeding thing didn't work out as nicely as I would've liked, but due to having to be back doing therapy 2 weeks after having him, it was really hard to get a good latch established ENTER breastpump. Now, I just pump every 3 hours and bottle-feed him the breast milk. This has been really good for us and I feel truly blessed that Colt still gets all the benefits of breastmilk even though I'm not breastfeeding. I'm not gonna lie though, it definitely is a HUGE hassle and takes ALOT of time. But it's worth it to know that my baby is getting the best nutrition possible. We also have a HUGE stock in the deep freezer. Right now we have enough to last a full month after I finish pumping which is really exciting. However, I'm not going to stop until 6 months. Just 4 more months to go ;)

Well, I guess that's all for now...I could go on and on but I think I've provided enough info. I love being a Mom and I can't wait to see what is in store for us in the coming months! Stay tuned...

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