Sunday, May 16, 2010

So here is a pic from tonight after dinner....and the last one I'll post. Very swollen, very big, about to pop!! 
Momma is here! Yep, my mom came yesterday along with Mimi in order to be here when baby Colt is born! I am so happy they are here because I get to have fun my last couple of days being pregnant! Wednesday is the big day...I go in to be induced at says I should be having a baby by 10 that night...I really hope it is sometime before that though!

As far as progression goes, I am still only 1 cm dilated as of Wednesday; however the doctor stripped my membranes (basically separated the uterus from the cervix), which is supposed to get things going. Well, it definitely worked because I have had a lot of interesting things happening that I'm not gonna go into detail about. All I can say is that it can come at any time, but I think I will still go till Wednesday...we shall see! 

Please keep us in your prayers as we approach the big day...the next post will be full of pics of our new son!! :)

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