Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Looking back...

So this picture is from December 2007, which is when Josh and I had the first new addition to our little family. Jaycie bub!! Look at how cute he was as a puppy! As we are in the final weeks of our pregnancy, I can't help but remember how it started with just us three. Now we of course have Miss Pix and will be adding Baby Colt very soon.  One big happy family!! Can't wait to get a whole family pic next Christmas :)

UPDATE!! Mimi had her doctor's appointment today and we are here to report good news! The eye doctor checked the right eye this time...actually it was the left, but the right as in correct.  The doctor confirmed that there was nothing he found abnormal in the eye. He explained that sometimes the camera can bring back results that look as if it it may be a mass, but that he was sure that there was no mass actually there. PHEW! Mimi will get a third opinion at some point to be sure, but this is definitely a big sigh of relief for our family! I thank you for keeping us in your prayers!

Fun event: We installed the car seat this past weekend! It's kind of weird driving around with a car seat now, but it definitely makes it feel close! Speaking of close, I have about 4 weeks left thank goodness. I think it's safe to say that pregnancy is exhausting at this point, and I'm ready to be done. Not to mention the wide span of emotions that I have experienced just in the past couple of days. Thank goodness I have a very understanding husband that likes to massage my back....did I say like? I meant that he does it, although through substantial bribes....Anyway, until next time...Goodnight and God Bless!

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