Wednesday, April 28, 2010

3 weeks and counting....

This is my little cutie! Pixie loves the belly and decided she would climb up on top and just take a rest the other night. It completely surprised me! I don't think Colt appreciated too much either because he threw in a few jabs at her while she sat there. I think she knows something is up....I hate to break it to her but her being momma's little angel may be coming to an abrupt end very soon!

Doctor's appointment today! We had our 36 week appointment, and it went really well. I am 1 cm dilated (doctor said about a fingertip) and my cervix is "soft" (sorry if that is too graphic, but I'm just quoting the doctor). So, everything seems to be going well. Of course they don't know what this means in terms of if he could come earlier than expected or anything. However, I'm thinking that he will stay in there for a couple more weeks.

Goals for this weekend: PACK my hospital bag. I haven't done it and everyone keeps telling me I need to. I know, I know...I just get nervous when I think about it. I am also in ultra "nest" mode. Oh yes, that house will be cleaned this weekend my friends, and yes Mr. Cook that means you will be helping!! I also just want to organize! We have two years worth of school papers lying in different places needing to have some place to go, and we have to keep it because it could come in handy one day when I forget one of those hundreds of ethical boundaries that I have to make sure and remember! :)

That's it for now! Have a wonderful day :) God bless...

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