Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A first that isn't so great....

Look at that poor baby boy....

This is a pic from the ER yesterday. It was Colt's first time to go to the ER. This year has been an abundance of firsts, but this one was not one that I'm particularly fond of....However, he is doing much better now! The hospital did a chest x-ray and sampled his snot and it came back as RSV...basically a respiratory infection that is hitting the little ones hard right now! Basically there is not much treatment we can do for him though...however we bought a nebulizer and doctor prescribed breathing treatments every four hours until it finally passes. Needless to say, I was a wreck yesterday morning. Poor thing woke up with a 103 fever and was definitely not himself. He also has a horrible cough and I could hear him wheezing really bad. Anyway, better safe than sorry I took him up to the ER for them to check him out. Really glad I did!

On a happier note, I have some other pics to share...

Yes he LOVES...let me repeat...LOVES Mommy's shoes!! Most mornings he will sit in there while Josh and I are getting ready for work and just pull each one off of the by one...and just investigate, and like you see...put them in his mouth. Some of you may be thinking EWWW, but hey whatever I can do to get him to entertain himself while I get ready....other Moms know how this is. He is just to die for cute. Of course the only thing I worry (being someone who is trained to think about disorders) is that he may end up having a shoe fetish one day ;) Who am I kidding, both his mommy and daddy LOVE shoes so he comes by it honest.

Have a BLESSED Wednesday my friends!! :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Update from Texas :)

Hi y'all ;)

You guessed it...I'm getting back to my Texas roots....(accent and all). So what are the Cooks up to lately? Wellllll, a whole lotta working....of sorts. Although in my last blog I told you that I had gotten a job at ETMC Behavioral Health Center (my dream job)...this has been delayed. I love Texas, but I absolutely HATE that they do not offer temporary licensure for MFTs. So yes, I have to take my exam before I will be able to get this license...and it is offered in May. There is NO WAY I can wait this long before getting back into therapy. So I decided to do the next best thing...get licensed as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). They offer their test next week. So for the last 4 weeks, I have been studying for this exam which is somewhat different from the regular MFT stuff. I have had to learn everything from Frued to career counseling. Needless to say, it is ALOT, but I'm hoping this will help me get into having a therapy job sometime soon. AND hopefully it will still be at the hospital. If you are wondering whether Josh had the same problems...he did. However, Sundown Ranch was great enough to allow him to shadow other therapists until he was able to get his license. Josh is now a LCDC (Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor). Well, he is almost anyway....he has to take their exam in June. However, now that he has this temporary license he is allowed to conduct therapy on his own. YAHOO! All prayers are needed for my exam that I am taking next week!!

As for Mr. Colt...he is crawling EVERYWHERE!!! His favorite bowls. He will crawl miles as long as he can reach the dog bowls. Not sure what the fascination is but he really loves them. Anyway, he is just the cutest. He also has been going to preschool at Angel Keepers. HE LOVES playing with the other babies. I was really having mixed feelings about him going to "daycare" but he has really enjoyed it. I swear that by Sunday he gets fussy because he is ready to go back to school. When I pick him up, he is in the BEST mood. One day I picked him up and it was the CUTEST sight. I will have to get a picture of it next time....he and the 5 other babies in his class were riding around in a buggy. Imagine a buggy full of 6 cute little babies with big old grins. SO CUTE! Anyway, I am very happy that we are blessed enough to have such a great place for him to attend while we are at work.

Oh yes, so I am working right now as a receptionist at Rudd Contracting Co. My stepdad works here and got me the job as a temporary position until I get licensed. So I answer the phones! I actually really enjoy working here because the people are really great. Very Christian and fun atmosphere. I told them if they could hire a therapist I would love to stay! They considered it...;)

Well, I guess that is all! Weather in Texas is super crazy for Texas. Ice on the roads and several inches of snow! Hopefully Spring will hit soon. :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year/New Blog!

Well, hello hello. Wow it has definitely been awhile! I have neglected this blog thing so BAD! To be honest, the last 4 months have been a whirlwind and I am just now having time to sit down and really reflect on everything. So let's see. In the past month, Josh and I graduated from K-State with a Master's degree in MFT. A week later we packed up all of our stuff and moved back home to Texas....with my parents. Everything has really been great so far! Josh and I both got jobs within 2 weeks of moving home. I got my dream job working at ETMC Behavioral Health department and Josh got a position at Sundown Ranch, which is a chemical dependency program. We are really excited to begin this new chapter in our lives (although we really miss our friends who really became family in Kansas).

What about Colt you ask? Well, he is just the love of my life....besides Josh ;) I swear he gets more beautiful every day. He now has two teeth (bottom) coming in, which puts him in a great mood most days ;) No, he really has been a champ about them because I know they sure don't feel good. He is now 7 months, almost 8 months old. I always get compliments on his beautiful blue eyes and his to die for smile. He is a big little guy too! He is about 19 pounds! He sits on his own and is almost crawling. He has also mastered the ability to pull up on his own! I sometimes wonder if he is going to walk before he crawls though because he really hates being on his stomach! He definitely gets irritated just being in one spot though, so I'm sure it won't be long until he gets really mobile. Let's see....what else....oh yes, I guess you are wondering what Colt will be doing now that Josh and I will be working full time! Today, I went by Angel Keepers which is a preschool for 6 weeks to 4 years of age. They were really sweet! They will be calling me today about an open spot so pray we get in! I really liked it and I think Colt would really enjoy being able to socialize now with other babies his age. I just hope he doesn't initiate any with his new teeth YIKES!

Well, I guess that is all for today. I have promised many that I will start to keep up with this better and I will do my best to keep this promise! Happy New Year all. And to that, here are some pics from Christmas of my little Colt man!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hi hi everyone! Ok ok I know I have really been bad about this blog thing! But I definitely plan to get better! So anyway...Wow alot has happened over the last month and a half! Colt has grown a whole lot (as you can see in the pics)! He is over average for head size, weight, AND height still! He is a smiling machine! He loves to flirt with all of his girlfriends he gets to see every day around the Family Center. He is a really happy baby and I am a very proud Mommy! A HUGE milestone also happened on Friday! HE ROLLED OVER! Oh yes and he did it probably 10 times that day because I was so excited!! He is also starting to know what toys are so I got him a couple things that he likes to chew on. Oh yes because now EVERYTHING goes into his mouth. He prefers my leg or hand, but I really don't like to do it because his knawing actually hurts quite a bit, which leads me to my next update. He is TEETHING! I can't believe he is only 3.5 months and is already teething! Anyway, so his sleep schedule has gotten really off because of the teeth, although I found the best thing EVER. My mom asked around and found out that Walgreens carries miracle teething tablets that dissolve instantly in their mouth and it works like MAGIC. I tried the orajel and the teething ring, but these tablets work unbelievable so I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who has a teething little one! Let's see...Colt has also been able to hold on to toys and also hit them to make them move while lying on his play mat. He squeals and coos all the time making lots of mmms and bbbbs and likes to scream at Mommy plenty ;)

As for Josh and I...We just took our Comprehensive Exam for our program on Friday and both did well! We are still planning on graduating in December and it looks like we will be able to as long as we keep getting adequate client hours. We are both around the 370 mark with 500 being the total we need at the end. We are both done with classes so just working on thesis, clinical paper, and hours to be done! Then we will be gracing Texas with our presence once again ;) Josh is currently looking into grad schools to continue on to get his PhD. I am frankly burnt out on school and am actually really looking forward to being a full-time therapist!

That is all for now I believe! Hopefully I will update more often now that I have gotten a good routine down! Happy Sunday! God bless...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wow! I have not posted in 2 months! We have been so busy and I have so much to report! These are the latest pics of our little man....even though most of them are him only in his diaper! Ha! I swear he has LOTS of cute clothes...we just tend to take most of the pics while we are just chillin at home...and he is like a little sauna so he sweats when we keep him in his at home we let him hang out in just a diaper!

So today Colt is officially 2 months old! Wow, I cannot believe this much time has already passed...and Colt is so BIG! We have his 2 month appointment tomorrow so we will find out exactly how much he's grown, but I know it's got to be ALOT! He has outgrown all of his 0-3 month clothes and is now in 3-6....I'm worried he will outgrow these FOR SURE before 6 months.

So as you can see in the pics, Colt has already had his first was right before he hit the 6 week mark and it definitely melted my heart! He first smiled for me while I was in Athens one morning for his early feeding, and then smiled for his Daddy just a couple days later! Now he has started to share that beautiful smile with anyone who is around to see it :) Now we are just waiting for a laugh, but I know it's coming soon because he has already been close. He tends to think his parents are pretty funny...

As for me, I am definitely fully recovered! I have been back doing therapy for a month and a half now, although it's been pretty slow now that it's summer time. Colt has also gotten to sit behind the mirror a couple of times and see his mommy do therapy. I'm still EPing (exclusively pumping) for my little man. Unfortunately the breastfeeding thing didn't work out as nicely as I would've liked, but due to having to be back doing therapy 2 weeks after having him, it was really hard to get a good latch established ENTER breastpump. Now, I just pump every 3 hours and bottle-feed him the breast milk. This has been really good for us and I feel truly blessed that Colt still gets all the benefits of breastmilk even though I'm not breastfeeding. I'm not gonna lie though, it definitely is a HUGE hassle and takes ALOT of time. But it's worth it to know that my baby is getting the best nutrition possible. We also have a HUGE stock in the deep freezer. Right now we have enough to last a full month after I finish pumping which is really exciting. However, I'm not going to stop until 6 months. Just 4 more months to go ;)

Well, I guess that's all for now...I could go on and on but I think I've provided enough info. I love being a Mom and I can't wait to see what is in store for us in the coming months! Stay tuned...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hello! So as promised I am providing pictures of our sweet little angel. This was taken in his little lamb chair, which he enjoys quite a bit. It vibrates! Man, and he is out when the vibrations are going. We could not be happier as parents! It has definitely been a stressful week, but we are so happy. It just takes time to get on a routine! Today has definitely been better and both Josh and I feel that we are starting to get a hang of things. Although, I don't think we are ever going to get completely used to the lack of sleep. Colt definitely has his days and nights mixed up! He sleeps great during the day, but is up every hour or so throughout the night! Thankfully, we have had plenty of help from 3 grandmas (Omie-Josh's mom, Nana-my mom, and Mimi (my grandma). This next pic is from his first bath time! He looks so cute in this pic, although about 5 minutes before he was screaming his head off! He hates bath time!! He definitely did his best to pee on me too, but he missed ;) However, Josh has not been so lucky! He has been shot a couple of times! I guess he will get faster at changing that diaper ;)

Doesn't he look really sweet in this pic?! Ha! He was getting ready to go to his first doctor's appointment, which as you can see he wasn't too happy about! Everything checked out healthy at the doctor!

Well, that's about all for now! Breastfeeding is going's definitely a lot of time and effort, but it's well worth it. I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday! Until next time....God bless!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

So here is a pic from tonight after dinner....and the last one I'll post. Very swollen, very big, about to pop!! 
Momma is here! Yep, my mom came yesterday along with Mimi in order to be here when baby Colt is born! I am so happy they are here because I get to have fun my last couple of days being pregnant! Wednesday is the big day...I go in to be induced at says I should be having a baby by 10 that night...I really hope it is sometime before that though!

As far as progression goes, I am still only 1 cm dilated as of Wednesday; however the doctor stripped my membranes (basically separated the uterus from the cervix), which is supposed to get things going. Well, it definitely worked because I have had a lot of interesting things happening that I'm not gonna go into detail about. All I can say is that it can come at any time, but I think I will still go till Wednesday...we shall see! 

Please keep us in your prayers as we approach the big day...the next post will be full of pics of our new son!! :)